Explore The Vast World of Floo

Enchanted Graphic

A pleasant experience, calming down yet brighten the mood with the tranquil and colorful sea environtment.

Multiplayer & PVP

Floo is a virtual world, where each and every player around the world connected, playing together in real time environment.

Play Daily Mission & Achieve Highest Score

Challenge yourself at daily mission to get rewards and compete another player’s score to be the highest rank in the Floo world.

Dynamic Map

Interact with all things in map and in the same time affected by all the environment interactions.

Change Atmosphere Time to Time

Start experience changing atmosphere and certain items at the environment according to the time of the day.

Player Progression

Fill experience bar and move up to next level. Take booster to enhance your rate of survival. Change skin to experience as different water creature.


Get ready to the new adventure in the Floo world.

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